Does the "Send Later" feature on Exchange Online add any message headers?

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With a relatively new Exchange Online feature allowing users to schedule delivery of a message with the "Send Later" option on OWA, is there any message headers that indicates when this feature was used? Or otherwise any way to have a transport rule detect a scheduled message?  I compared headers and could not find anything.

Note this is different than the scheduled delivery option in the MS Outlook client that has been around forever.


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What exactly do you want to achieve? In other words, why do you need to detect a scheduled message?

@Victor Ivanidze It's a customer request to prepend the message with a disclaimer.

Hi @IAD_Flyer,

do you mean that your customer wants that only scheduled messages have a disclaimer?  For what?

Correct. I believe it's related to concerns from HR about user time and attendance.

I doubt that's possible to do using any rule that analyzes the SMTP headers.
In case they definitely need this feature, they should be ready to pay for custom software development.