Does Quarantine in EOL work with Exchange Hybrid?

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I'm wondering if the Exchange Online Spam Protection is active in a Exchange Hybrid Environment, where the MX records point onPrem, but the mailboxes are in EOL?

We have E1 and E3 licenses, and our mailboxes have been online for about a month now, but I have yet to find a message in "Quarantine" in den Exchange Online Admin Center.

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Hi Ivan,

All inbound mail will be scanned via EOP, even in a Hybrid scenario. Have you updated the default configuration of EOP as the default Spam setting is to move messages to the Junk folder, not to send them to Quarantine, so you obviously won't get anything landing in Quarantine?


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. 

Indeed the Spam Filter Policy was set to "Junk Folder", though I haven't changed it to this settings, seems to be the default.

I've changed the high confidence spam setting to Quarantine to see if anything lands in there.