Does Microsoft comply with the Reporting specification of DMARC RFC7489?

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I am wondering specifically about sections 7.2 (aggregate reports) and 7.3 (Failure Reports). I have never received either at my RUA/RUF specified address from Microsoft, but I get them from all other major cloud mail providers. 




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Are you sending the reports to a different domain? If not, I would love to take a look at the dmarc-record you've set.

If you are sending a report to a different domain, you would need to add an authorization record. Take a look at this:

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This is a yes and no question. For one of the domains, we send to the same domain. For the other 67 we own, we send to the original domain also. Each of the domains does have an authorization record entry in the original domains DNS records. I will pm you the Domain Name and you can query the dmarc record via MXToolbox if you would like to inspect it.

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Thanks for the links Sir. I will give them a read. 

I was not aware of this, thank you for bringing this up.
Put in 3 votes on it. I'll spread it on Twitter as well.