Do Not Forward not working for some emails

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I have been testing with message encryption and noticed that the "do not forward" option works great for Office 365, Live, Yahoo and Gmail but not for other providers. I was able to successfully forward it to 2 other provider emails. Is there a setting I am missing or does it only work for some providers and not all? Thanks!

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@Michelle Proper Hello, please provide a more detailed scenario about the issue.


I'm attaching this as well for guidance

@ChristianBergstrom If I use the "Do not forward" template for message encryption, the forward option is greyed out as expected when the recipient is or but if I use the same template for another email provider like I am able to forward the message to whoever I would like and that person can read the original message. Seems that the do not forward protection only works for some recipients not all. 

@Michelle Proper Hello again! I see what you mean as you actually can forward the message from (or even The process isn't as seamless when using these external email providers, which is good to know. But there is no possibility to read the message, not the body or an attachment, as it's a wrapper in the email informing and directing you to the OME (Office Message Encryption) portal for authentication with the recipient email address, or a one-time pass code sent to the recipient email address.


Just to be sure I set up the scenario you described and this was the result. So the protection does work as intended, it's the forward option that isn't greyed out at the external email providers client's (but would be in for example).


If you don't see this behavior something is wrong and the OME and IRM settings needs to be looked at.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for your quick reply. I will take another look and open a ticket with Microsoft. I thought there may have been a setting I was missing. Thanks again for your assistance! 

@Michelle Proper Hello, no problem. Let me know how it goes!