Do I must move arbitration Mailboxes to primary Hybrid?

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Guys! I wanted to double check this. In the decommission Exchange ,do I must move arbitration Mailboxes to primary Hybrid exchange or I can simply disable them on 2nd exchange to decommission it?
Ex 2013 n later
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@Abdul Farooque 


Hi, I always migrate the Arbitration mailboxes to the newest hybrid server.  I have found that you cannot remove Exchange from the older servers until this is done.  Best to migrate them as opposed to deleting them.



Thank you so much. Message copied.

2nd, Should I simple Delete all databases mounted or first Dismount and shutdown server.

Again mount and remove them.

3rd, there are email address policies that can be seen on all Exchange servers, (Primary server also has ), any impact if i remove 2nd exchange? how can I check where the policies actually reside?