Direct link to setup OOO

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I had used the above direct link so far to set up the automated message, it stopped working now. emailaddress/

could you please advise a new direct link to setup OOO?

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We need more context here, are you trying to do this as an admin user, or as a user with delegate permissions? If you are an admin, the OOO settings are exposed via the EAC > Recipients > Mailboxes > select the mailbox > Others > Manage automated replies.

If you are a delegate (a user with Full access granted), you can use OWA settings page instead: address removed for privacy reasons/options/
The alternate route is to open OWA > click your picture in the top right corner > Open another mailbox > enter the mailbox address > once opened, go to Settings > Mail > Automatic replies.

Hi @Nandhini145 


Use the link from @VasilMichev 


Alternative you can also use this Exchange Commandlet: