Different Exchange Version output - Exchanage 2019 on premises

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When I eexcute Powershell command


Get-Exchangeserver | Format-Table Name, Edition, AdminDisplayVersion


The result is which indicates that CU13 is installed





Get-Command Exsetup.exe | ForEach {$_.FileVersionInfo}




Shows as result that I have CU11 installed, which I think is correct.


Why is it different and which is accurate?


A second question: Can I upgrade directly to CU13 from CU11?






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The second cmdlet you listed is probably more accurate as it shows the SU installed as well. I would recommend using the Exchange HealthChecker script to get a definitive version for your Exchange server. CUs are "cumulative" so they contain all the previous updates, so you can install the latest one for your Exchange version regardless of the CU currently installed.