Difference between Exchange ActiveSync and OWA for Devices? And can they be disabled by default?

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We have a requirement that all our employees that want to check their email on the phones have to sign a Mobile Device policy that outlines they are agreeing to allow the company to wipe the corporate data and things like that.  Because of this, as of right now we have to manually turn off the two items under the Mobile Devices section for every user we create.


So I have two questions

  1. Is there any global setting I can change so that these settings are disabled by default when we create a user?
  2. What is the difference between OWA for Devices and Activesync in the Exchange Admin Center?


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You can disable ActiveSync via Set-CASMailboxPlan: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/client-access/set-casmailboxplan?view=ex...


OWA for devices is no longer used, it was for the old OWA for iOS/Android apps, which are now deprecated.

Any idea how long clicking the Disable Activesync button (or running the powershell) takes to go into effect?  I used the EAC to disable my own Actrivesync but my Outlook app on my phone is still able to send and receive emails.  It's been a few minutes so maybe it takes a while?


You can verify if activesync is enable on your mailbox still by going to Exchange Shell and typing: get-casmailbox -identity "mailbox" | fl *active* to see if activesync is still enabled. I have seen it take up to 24 hours for it take affect but my guess it depends on the environment and the health of Exchange.