Did something change with SPF Record checking this week in exhchange online?

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I have had a slew of tickets from end users this week complaining of client emails going to Junk Mail.


I have found No SPF Records, or Softfails, in the headers for each of these senders. Previous to this week, No SPF or softfail would still make it to the inbox and not Junk Mail.


This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Learn about spoofing <http://aka.ms/LearnAboutSpoofing>

Feedback <http://aka.ms/SafetyTipsFeedback>

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Office 365 Takes Aim at Spoofers but Users See Warnings About Fraudulent Messages
Microsoft upgraded their EOP anti-spoofing capabilities inside Office 365, which is good, but they didn’t tell anyone. The first users knew was when they started to receive messages stamped with “the sender failed our fraud detection checks” – something that is never assuring. This only applies to ATP customers, but it’s not the first time Microsoft has failed to communicate important news.


It did hit the roadmap yesterday as well, tying in with your article, thanks for the additional information.


Enhanced Anti-Spoof Capabilities for Office ATP.png 

@Vasil Michev @Tony Redmond

Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully they figure out a happy medium that does not cause so much chaos. In the meantime I guess its my new job to help every company we do business with fix their SPF records...

Think of the consulting opportunity...