Devices stuck in quarantine

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Hi everyone,

Running exchange online on office 365. I have set it up to manually accept devices.

However, they are not going through.I approve them and they dissapear from quarantine.

If i go to receipt, mailbox, i can see the device for the user and it 's under quarantine. I approve it there too, and nothing.

Powershell then gives these results. It says that they are allowed, but the emails are not showing up at all.

I don't want to do it via office 365 security center security policy because that requires another app to be installed to enroll users.


ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs         : {D3AF9DE5BBE535E8B91216A96199A95B, 916333E2DE583F51BD46218DFEFD4D76}
ActiveSyncBlockedDeviceIDs         : {}
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy            : Default
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicyIsDefaulted : True
ActiveSyncDebugLogging             : False
ActiveSyncEnabled                  : True
ActiveSyncSuppressReadReceipt      : False
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Check the device status via PowerShell, Get-MobileDevice, and more specifically the Reason code.

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@Vasil Michev 

Just exchange doing it's thing, had to wait few hours and it appeared. Thanks !