Deployment of expandable archives paused

Tony Redmond

Microsoft’s no-limit archive mailboxes were supposed to be available throughout Office 365 by now. As previously reported, the feature is available in some Office 365 datacenter regions but not others. Now word comes that Microsoft has paused the roll-out of the feature until sometime in the first quarter of 2017. 


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According to the marketing team, we've had unlimited archives for years now in the service :)

... Never confuse the messages from marketing with what actually happens in the service...

Just to clarify Tony, this is just the auto-expanding archives that has been suspended? So customers could still open a ticket to expand the Archive to be unlimited when they reach the limit?

"Unlimited" = auto-expanding archives, so no.


A customer can file a ticket to ask Microsoft to increase the limit for an archive mailbox from the standard 100 GB to 170 GB, but that's about it for now, AFAIK.

Thanks for the detail Tony!

What happens when we've reached the 170Gb limit ?

Once you reach 170 GB, you cannot add any more data to a non-expandable archive mailbox. To keep more data, you add another mailbox and archive-enable it.

And that involves using and paying for a license that we shouldn't have to :(

Yes, but if you are using Office 365 to store archive data at that quantity, you should really pay something for the privilege ;)

Not when they advertise 'unlimited storage'


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