Deleting scheduled events in Exchange Online/Teams

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Hello, how are you? I think today is a strange situation.


Well, I was once contacted by people at my company in the following situation: A user had created a recurring schedule with some users. After a while, this user leaves the company and for some time the event/agenda remained the same. When it was necessary to change, the situation was understood.


On that occasion, I don't remember exactly why, the Administration chose to search for the event in the users' boxes and delete this item. It was a successful operation.


We repeat this situation once again in a similar opportunity


However, after a while, I need to repeat this operation but, as I write everything down, this time I can't find any notes about it as I did.


I've been doing some research again to redo this but reading it doesn't seem as "simple" as it was before.


Do you have any reading suggestions or even construction tips on how to do it?


Thank you very much for everyone's attention
Good Job everyone.

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Hi @tcboeira,

here are some options you can try:

  1. If the user is still licensed for Office 365 Exchange Online, you can use an Office 365 admin account to add Full access and Send As permissions to the user's mailbox. Configure this admin account in the Outlook client to access the user's mailbox and cancel the recurring events.

  2. If the user's license has been removedin Microsoft 365,  the user's old email, contacts, and calendar are retained for 30 days.So in the 30 days, I suggest you temporarily re-assign the Office 365 license to the user, then convert it to a shared mailbox and remove the license. 

    After that you can 
    add the Full access and Send As permission of the shared mailbox to the admin account based on same methods I mentioned above and access the shared mailbox to cancel the meeting.

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Leon Pavesic

I was using "New-ComplianceSearch"... And now I follow the search criteria "-ContentMatchQuery "kind:meetings..." in "-ExchangeLocation All"

But I don't think this is accurate. I will do the simulation below, for removal. I remember that I already did something like this BUT I really don't remember how I did it. And this is sad
Sorry, I ended up not responding correctly with...
The user who created the recurring meetings is no longer present, having had his account deleted more than 50 days ago.