Delete Azure ad account but retain associated shared mailbox

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Hello Pros! 


I was wondering if we can delete the user account in Azure AD and still retain the shared mailbox associated with the account ? 

When I tried deleting the user account from Azure AD, the shared mailboxes associated with the users are getting deleted too. 

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Hi @Abhi_BR
The user account associated with the shared mailbox is required.
What is your goal in deleting the account? What issue is the user account's existence creating for you? Maybe we can address your underlying issue another way.

Thanks, Ash

The user account associated with the shared mailbox is required.


We have about 600 old entries and I'd like to clean up my Tenant, the old entries come-up in auto-suggest while sending emails or on Teams.
There's an answered thread here about clearing out the teams cache to clear autocomplete there.
A bit painful but...A user can remove recent people from their Outlook auto complete list manually. The auto complete list can also be outright disabled, but most people I know prefer to have it even if some suggested recipients are irrelevant. Instructions for both these tasks are available here.
I looked at hiding from address book as an option, but this will also make no difference to anyone who has sent an email to the shared mailbox. Even deleting the user (had that been possible) would not immediately resolve the issue.
Sorry I was unable to be more help with your @Abhi__BR goal.

I have been researching this as well but for another reason.
We would like to purchase an email security SaaS however it would bill us on the number of accounts in Azure AD.

We only want the service for or normal mailboxes not shared, also the cost for the service would be very high so if we could remove shared mailboxes from Azure AD we could subscribe to that email security service.