Delegating Exchange Online Tasks to Helpdesk

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Hi All,


I am looking for a solution which would ease our IT staff and save their time from some of L1 type of works.


Such as Create Distribution Lists/Update Distribution Lists/Delete Distribution Lists/Create Office 365 Groups/Modify/Update etc.


I know there is a tool exist for on-premise Exchange versions known as which can achieve all these but not for online.


I am looking for a similar web-based tool which can be used by our Helpdesk to carry out these kinds of tasks.


Has anyone has any idea about a self-service tool which can be used to achieve tasks? or how can we make this possible in Exchange Online?

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Office 365 Groups covers all of the other items that you mentioned. Office 365 Groups are user self service by default, so you do not even need to defer the work to L1 or IT.


If you want to restrict Office 365 Group creation, there are steps at 



@Brian Reid we cannot afford our end users to self-create O365 Groups. We have already seen this experience wherein O365 groups were created by end users such as Lunch Party, Dinner and many etc...

we immediately blocked the creation of O365 groups to an only certain set of people.


It takes a huge amount of time to clean them up and align it with our standard naming policy.


We want to restrict it to Helpdesk or at IT level.