Delegated Permission option for Mail.ReadBasic.All

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I'm hoping to get some help with understanding why a permission like Mail.ReadBasic.All is not made available as a Delegated Permission.  The use case in my head is that of administrators.  For example, an Exchange Admin would like to review the contents of a user's mailbox.  This could be the message headers on a certain message, or it could be all messages for a task like summarizing the mailbox's consumption by year.  The only options for the administrator currently are:


A) Delegated permission Mail.Read.Shared + FullAccess granted from the necessary mailbox.

B) Application Permission Mail.ReadBasic.All, and the administrator pretends he/she is an application, and auditing fidelity is lost.


Both options seem inferior to the hypothetical option C:


C) Delegated permission Mail.ReadBasic.All


Is the reason simply the design of OAuth2 from the ground up is so that Delegated permissions are limited to true self-service?  If that is the case, then maybe option B really isn't all that bad from a security standpoint, just the lost auditing accuracy is still an issue.


Please help me understand this.  I am used to taking advantage of application permissions for my unattended scripting needs.  But as I move over to MS Graph for my interactive (administrator) needs, I find this gap strange.


Thanks in advance.

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I believe I may have come up with the reason why it was chosen to NOT offer Mail.ReadBasic.All as a Delegated Permission. It may not be possible to supply the requesting user with the equivalent permission via RBAC role. The closest thing I can think of that would accomplish it would be the ApplicationImpersonation role in Exchange, which would be more permissions than we want in this scenario (re: Mail.ReadBasic.All).

It makes me think that however the Effective Permissions are made possible for Application Permissions, that same capability could stand to be available for some special case Delegated Permissions (like Mail.ReadBasic.All).