DatabaseIssueWarningQuota, DatabaseProhibitSendQuota, DatabaseProhibitSendReceiveQuota

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What is the purpose of the values in DatabaseIssueWarningQuota, DatabaseProhibitSendQuota, DatabaseProhibitSendReceiveQuota?


From "Get-Mailbox"

IssueWarningQuota: 98 GB (105,226,698,752 bytes)

ProhibitSendQuota : 99 GB (106,300,440,576 bytes)
ProhibitSendReceiveQuota : 100 GB (107,374,182,400 bytes)


From "Get-MailboxStatistics"

DatabaseIssueWarningQuota : 48.2 GB (51,754,356,736 bytes)
DatabaseProhibitSendQuota : 50 GB (53,687,091,200 bytes)
DatabaseProhibitSendReceiveQuota : 51 GB (54,760,833,024 bytes)

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It's simply a different "level" of setting the quota. Paul has a nice article on the subject here:


If you ask in the context of O365, they dont play big role. Although we've had some issues with them around the "update to wave 15" timeframe.