Custom web.config .exe.config & Settingoverride powershell cmd

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I have several customization done on web.config or exe.config files.


As specified in the New-SettingOverride documentation :

"Setting overrides configure and store Exchange server customizations in Active Directory. The settings can be organization-wide or server-specific, and they persist in Active Directory across Exchange Cumulative Updates (CUs). Exchange customizations in web.config or exe.config XML application configuration files are server-specific, and are lost when you install the next Exchange CU."

I want to use this to my settings but the documentation doesn't describe how to use it.

This will be helpfull on large environment to prevent configuration errors when updating servers...


For exemple I want to use it for the parameter "MaxConnectionRatePerMinute" of the file \ClientAccess\PopImap\Microsoft.Exchange.Pop3Service.exe.config


An other config is on UM config file : Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\V15\bin\msexchangeum.config  


Anyone has a global documentation of it ?



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@LFerreira - No, because as the article you linked to clearly states: 


"Incorrect usage of the setting override cmdlets can cause serious damage to your Exchange organization. This damage could require you to reinstall Exchange. Only use these cmdlets as instructed by product documentation or under the direction of Microsoft Customer Service and Support."


You really shouldn't go messing with those settings, it can have unintended consequences. 


What are you trying to accomplish? And why?