Custom setting for accepting reservations`

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We are seeing a strange setting showing up in some of our Exchange resource mailboxes and we have no idea where this is coming from.   Pulling a Powershell Get-Calendar processing doesn't show anything out of the ordinary.


If anyone knows where this setting comes from please let me know.




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Get/Set-CalendarProcessing is what you need, BookInPolicy/AllBookInPolicy as well as RequestInPolicy/AllRequestInPolicy and all the related parameters control the options displayed above. Detailed descriptions of each parameter can be found here:
If you are referring to the "Use customized setting" selection in particular, this is when the resource has all modalities set to False, so no one apart from delegates can book it or submit requests (either In or Out of policy).

@VasilMichev  Yes I was referring to the 'Use Customized Settings' specifically.  Here you can see the settings.  They are not all False though.





Right, I missed to mention the AutomateProcessing one. Set it to AutoAccept.