Cross-tenant Migration

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Hi all,


I will be doing migration from existing tenant to a new one soon. I've recently completed IMAP migration to Exchange online, and also Google Workspace Migration to Exchange online.... So I thought that cross-tenant will be the easiest one as it is all under MS.... Looks that I was wrong, and seems to be quite the most challenging one :)


Few details first - there is a COMPANY-A tenant. There is also COMPANY-B domain created in that tenant . Now, COMPANY-B is going to move to a new tenant and keep the name. It will be only 15 users, so not a huge amount.


So, I can see that there is a Cross-Tenant migration option available in EAC, so I want to use it. It does look a bit complicated anyway. What I'm trying to confirm/clarify is:


  1. Is the Cross-Tenant Migraiton option in EAC the one that I can use for my scenario?
  2. Checking this guide . It seems to be however a bit of work in powershell etc (I'm not expert with powershell). Is this the only and easiest way to do the migration? :)
  3. Anyone has any guide on "step-by-step" that I could have a look? Would help me a lot.
  4. Are there any "tricky" parts that I should be aware of during migration? Ppl that already used this way to migrate


PS: For SharePoint migration, I will use Migration and Mover that is abailable for via SharePoint... which seems to be quite straight forward.


Any info that will help me to prepare for the move would be much appreciated. 



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I also thought cross-tenant migration would be the easiest but now I'm completely stuck and have to meet my dealines.
I have followed the guide you mentionned and got stuck at the testing part as I mentionned in this thread:
I couldn't find nothing on the Internet to help.
MS should really address this ASAP.
sorry I cannot help you more.... My project has been cancelled eventually so had not to deal with it. Hope that MS will make it more straight forward soon :\

fingers crossed with your migration Nabil450!
If you need to move both a Microsoft 365 tenant and a Google workspace tenant,
I would suggest these tools: