Creating a contact object in EXO when you already have a guest user

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How's does one go about creating a contact object  in EXO if you had previously invited that same SMTP address as a guest user? The error I get says that the SMTP address is already in use and it gives me the guest account name. Any ideas?


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It's a messy situation, as some workloads (*cough* Teams *cough*) don't check for the presence of an existing/matching object, thus allowing you to have duplicates, while Exchange in general will throw an error. Now, if the Guest user has redeemed the invitation, generally speaking you should be able to use this object instead of a contact, as it has all the required mailflow-related attributes.


If you insist on having a contact object, you can always remove the Guest user. Or, you can simply unhide him from the GAL and use the corresponding entry.