Create Mail Enabled User Post Staged Migration

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After completing a staged migration for all of our on premise AD users and using AD Connect to keep our AD in sync with Office 365. What is the suggested method to create a NEW mail enabled user? This assumes that creating NEW users in on premis AD, post staged migration, doesn't require us to do a "staged migration" for every new user going forward.




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There's nothing to migrate for a mail-enabled user, it's just the user account with some additional properties, which will all get synced to O365. So managing them all centrally on-premises is the best approach, unless you have some specific requirements for creating a cloud-only user.

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Create the AD user with all the details require. go to your On-prem Exchange managment Shell and run Enable-RemoteMailbox -Identity "FirstName LastName" -RemoteRoutingAddress ""

make sure you have assign Office 365 License to the AD user. exchange online account will be added for the user.



Thanks, I think this fills in the blank for me.