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We run 2 Exchange 2013 Servers in a DAG. The databases are hosted on NETAPPS. We have one Database that is on a LUN that is full and we cant expand anymore and has become corrupted. So the plan we is to want 

1. Dismount Databases on both servers

2. Physically delete the corrupted database and then the LUN

3. Copy good DB from Site 1 to Site 2 we estimate that this will take a couple of days

4. Remount the DB in Site 1 

5. Add database copy on Site 2 


I am assuming that as the DBs are the same path and same name the replication will work; 


Can anyone see if there is a flaw in my master plan.



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@Ian Maclauchlan 


I need a little more information. Maybe then I can help. Can you still migrate mailboxes from that corrupted database to another database on another disk? Are both databases (active / passive) in your DAG corrupted?  And what do you mean with copy good db? Do you mean from a backup?




@AllardBeerthuizen hi there

the active is good and no problem it is the passive that has been corrupted. t i was going to do a file copy of the edb from server 1 to server 2 

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@Ian Maclauchlan 

If reseeding or recreate passive database copy is not an option for you.

You can indeed follow a procedure to do a manual copy an offline database.


Sorry about delay... Thanks for the response. We have done this and worked perfectly.