Convert dynamic distribution group to static one (Exchange Online)

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Good morning

I am trying to find out if there is a PS command to convert an existing dynamic distribution group to a static one.

Even if the resulting static group has no members, that's fine. I really want to keep the object intact to avoid all kinds of caching issues in the Outlook desktop app because people are so used to using those groups.

Back story: we have dynamic groups based on the Company attribute but now there's certain c-level staff that works for more than 1 company so I want to convert the existing dynamic group to a static one, create a new dynamic one (hidden) and add that one to the static group along with whichever c-level staff also needs to be in it.


If it's not possible, what are best practices/tips to get around the caching issues? :)


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There's no "convert" path, you'll have to recreate the group.

i had to do this for a customer and using below I converted few DDGs to DGs

$ddgid = Get-DynamicDistributionGroup $name
$members = Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $ddgid.RecipientFilter | select samaccountname
foreach ($member in $members)
Add-DistributionGroupMember "All California DG" -member $memberid

Hi @DeepakRandhawa , thanks for your input but I don't think you are converting the dynamic group, instead you're creating (or have created before) a group called All California DG and you're making sure the members of the DDG are pushed into the DG.


My goal is (or better was) to keep the original DDG object and convert to a DG so Exchange would still see it as the same object but that does not seem possible.


@Vasil Michev , thanks for confirming :) I'll make sure to inform our servicedesk they can expect calls from people still trying to send to the group using their locally cached type-ahead object ;)

yes, it's not converting but creating a new DG to look like old one