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Hi Guys,


Anyone know how I can reduce the backlog count of the Content Index Backlog in Exchange 2016? I have 3 Ex2016 servers deployed across two sites (migrating from single Ex2013 server) Overall health of database copies and content indexes are healthy.

Due to some migration speed issues, had to disable the index on the remote database to speed up the migrations as they were taking too long. After each migration batch, the index is re-enabled and everything is good to go.

I've noticed now that the ContentIndexBacklog is a t very high numbers - over 200K and can't seem to get it to crawl back down. Users advise they are having issues searching mailboxes and I can only assume this is the reason behind it. I've restarted the search and search controller services but doesn't seem to help in this case.


Thank you


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@Hambik Matvosian Were you able to resolve the issue you ran into? We are migrating from to new physical servers and the number is quite high. We are close to the 50% mark in our migration, and today was the first time we've run into a the ContentIndexBacklog number being very high and not moving down as fast as expected.