Connection to on-premise Exchage Powershell remotelly from Linux

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I'm trying connect to my on-premise Exchange 2013 Powershell remotely from Centos 7.


I do every steps as in microsoft docs ( except chaging authentication to 'Basic'.


When I run New-PSSession command prompt (pwsh) freezes for 5-10 minutes. After that Get-PSSession returns my session with state 'Opened' but Import-PSSession exites with fail.


Repeating the same steps on Windows (with also PowerShell 7.1.1) success and New-PSSession command finish after second or less.


IIS logs for Exchange shows 500 error for this connection.


What could be cause of this issue?


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I dont think such a thing exists yet, but in theory you could write an app that would let you execute commands from linux making calls via EWS.

Don't forget though that many common linux commands are aliased up to their powershell equivalents already (go to a powershell prompt and type ls for example).