Configure S/MIME in OWA

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I want to configure S/MIME in OWA. I created already a .SST file according to the instructions in the article below (pls. check the screenshot as well):


After that I used the following syntax in Exchange Online PowerShell to save the SST file contents in the Exchange Online virtual certificate store:
Set-SmimeConfig -SMIMECertificateIssuingCA (Get-Content "file path" -Encoding Byte)


When running the cmdlet Set-SmimeConfig in PowerShell, it shows "0" values for the attribute "SMIMECertificateIssuingCA" (pls. check the screenshot as well). So it means, that the certificate was not adopted.

What I do wrong here? Can somebody try to reproduce this issue?

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It's probably just the first few bytes showing as zeroes, nothing to worry about. You can check the full value via:

Get-SmimeConfig | select -ExpandProperty SMIMECertificateIssuingCA

Do note that you have values for the thumbprint and expiry date, so I'd wager it was uploaded OK.