Configure Forward in users


Hi Team.

I have a tenant to tenant migration project. I have a question.


After migrate information for Exchange Online with MigrationWiz to target tenant, I delete accounts in source tenant.


Users in target tenant have other email address (new email address).


When delete user in source tenant, who configure email forwarding to user in target tenant? So as not lose the emails in the previous email address. Considering that user and license in source target not exist or delete?



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An easy solution would be to convert the users in the source tenant to shared mailboxes, thus preserving their data and addresses at no cost. You can set up forwarding to the new address where needed. Similarly, you can remove the user/mailbox but create another object type that will use the address(es), then forward as needed. Or you can just move/validate the domain in the new tenant, assign aliases as needed.
Hi Vasil.
Thanks for your support.
I convert mailbox in shared mailbox and configure forward to other mailbox.