Company domain emails being blocked by corporate email filters

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We have struck an issue that our managed service provider cannot resolve and it’s almost financially ruined our company.  A few months back our corporate website was marked as suspicious by Google and within an hour all our emails were blocked and never got through to even recipients junk mail.


our web developers resubmitted the site and it was removed from the suspicious list, however 70% of our  company emails are still not getting to their recipients three months later because they are being blocked by all web based filters like Symantec cloud and the like.   This is very distressing because for example if we send out invoices they all get blocked and don’t get to our clients in boxes or their junk mail.  Their IT departments can sometimes locate them in cloud filters but even if they white list them they still get blocked.


So we are now sending invoices by post otherwise we are getting tight on funds.  But this is not a solution because it is still happening to around 70% of our emails.  They send through our Symantec Cloud account but are not received..


Our service provider engaged Microsoft to assist but there has been no resolution.


 I don’t know where to turn other than create a new domain for our company.


I would appreciate any help.



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@IanLindgren Can you give us some details about your setup - I'm confused regarding your comments saying your website was marked as suspicious but it's your email being blocked?   


Do you mean your IP address was blacklisted or the domain name for emails?  


Do you have an on-premise mail server or Exchange Online?   


If you use MXToolbox to check for blacklisting your domain/IP, does it show anything?

@PaulaSillars Thank you for helping.  It is the website IP and the domain that was then blacklisted and despite it being removed more than 50% of our emails are not received.  So the short term fix has been to purchase a similar domain and send using that domain name to guarantee delivery and a reply goes back to us through an alias (I believe it’s called).  MXTools could find no issues, but thank you for your help.