combine Microsoft exchange account with business e-Mail adresse

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Hey all,


I have the problem in my company, that my business E-Mail adresse is exactly the same as my exchange adresse. In the beginning of MS365 we needed to choose a domain and we used our Webadress. Now is the problem, that we are working with two different E-Mail adress but they are build up the same way. Is there a way to combine them ?


We want to use just one E-Mail adress for everything around Microsoft 365 and our Online Shop to communicate with customers.


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Not sure I understand the scenario, can you give us specific examples of the current setup and the expected end state/goal?




Our website name is and we have mailing Servers provided as well named for example. 


I added in Microsoft Office 365 our domain and our mailing address is the same. (


The problem is, that we need to use both mailing address in outlook to receive the mails from our customers (website server) and everything around Notifications in Microsoft Office (Exchange mailing address). 


The end goal needs to be, that we are working only with one mailing address to get all informations together, maybe in form of a forwarding mail of the exchange servers.


Thank you 

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So do you plan to keep the external mailing system or you want to move everything to O365? If the latter, you need to change the MX record to point to Exchange Online and potentially perform some kind of migration for older content (if no other methods are available, export/import via PSTs). Forwarding can be used as an interim solution, but a configuration where the domain is shared between two email systems is complex and should be avoided unless there is no other option.


Don't forget to also adjust SPF and other records as necessary, as you might end up with issues when sending messages too.