Classic Exchange Admin Center loses Spam Filter Control

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Apparently yesterday MS removed the "Protection" center from the Exchange admin center. This was moved to the Microsoft 365 Defender page. Under the original section you could add multiple email addresses and domains at once, either separated by a semi-colon or having them on their own lines. In the new spam filter section you cannot add multiple at a time. You have to add everything 1 at a time. This is very annoying because I regularly have to add 10-15 at a time. This is causing me a major time burden and I have to do each 1 individually for email address and then again for domain. 


It would we great if this could be fixed to either allow comma, semi-colon, or line separated additions at once. I think this should be a very easy fix, or if its complicated, allow the Protection tab to be access from the Exchange admin console until a fix is in place.





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You can always use PowerShell, especially when adding entries in bulk.


Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy default -BlockedSenders @{add="",""}