Change Archive Policy?

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What happens to a users mailbox if I change the archive policy? So for example, I set a user to a 2 year archive, it syncs, creates an online archive. Then, I decide that I want to go for a 5 year instead. I'm assuming its a one way sync.

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Items will not be moved back from the Online archive to the main mailbox, if that's what you are asking.

Yes. That's exactly what I'm asking. So, if I set the archive to 5 years, sync, then decide we should go 2 years, then I can add more mail to the archive until the main inbox is down to 2 years? Also, can I "drag" mail back from the archive to the inbox if needed?

You can drag them, or use the Copy/Move menu items. There are programmatic solutions that can automate the process if needed, but nothing built-in in Outlook (apart from said manual actions).
Not sure I understand the first question, sorry.
Thanks. I was asking if it's possible to switch a user on a 5 year archive to a 2 year archive to move more mail into the archive and further reduce the inbox size.
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It is possible, yes. Just add/replace the relevant tags in your retention policy.