Cannot Get EmailMessage Name to Display in Sent Emails Using EWS

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Hi, I cannot set EmailMessage.Name to display a custom name in emails sent via Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data 2.2 (assembly v15). Is it being overridden by Exchange, using the email account's Name? I've tried all possible ways, even the "display name<email-address>" format, nothing seems to work. Thanks.


// Example
var senderEmailAddress = new EmailAddress("") { Name = "My Name" };
// Or
senderEmailAddress = new EmailAddress("My Name <>")
// Or... etc. tried many diff. ways, nothing works. :(

var message = new EmailMessage(exchangeService)
    Sender = senderEmailAddress,
    Body = new MessageBody(BodyType.HTML, "test"),
    Subject = "test"



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