Can user reporting email as Not Junk automatically add sender to Anti-Spam allow senders?

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Our Anti-Spam policy is to place bulk, spam and phish into quarantine with the staff receiving a daily summary of quarantined email.


Is there a way so that if they report as 'Not Junk' the sender is automatically added to the Anti-Spam allow senders list, or even a way of workflowing this to Admins?


At the moment we use the Threat Management Explorer to look at the User-reported emails each day and then manually add to senders to the allowed list. 


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Nope, as users generally don't have permissions to modify tenant-wide settings such as the allowed senders list. They can add it to their own "safe senders" list. In general I'd agree that we need better tools to work with the quarantine and threat explorer, an API access to that mail flow report would be great...