Can't filter and forward all incoming mails to special account

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We are new to 365 and outlook and exchange. We are a small company with 20 accounts. All works well except one major thing. We want to filter every incoming mail by searching the subject for "##". Those incoming mails are likely to be responses to our own mails which we sent out already having ## in the subject. We want all those filtered messages to be sent to the recipients PLUS to a special inbox "filemaker(at)..:". Our Filemaker server checks that inbox and loads messages into our Filemaker database. That had worked perfectly in the past.

I know I am looking for a "mail flow rule" ... but all the existing selectable choices don't work. It seems like a very simple task though. Maybe someone has an idea?



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Could you show a rule that doesn't work?

@Victor Ivanidze 

This was a try.
If the message...
Includes these words in the message subject: '##'
Do the following...
Set audit severity level to 'High'
and Blind carbon copy(Bcc) the message to 'filemaker(at)...'

Rule comments


Rule mode


Additional properties

Sender address matches: Header
Can you send to filemaker(at)... manually?
If you create a rule with action "redirect the message to filemaker(at)... " instead of BCC, will it work?
filemaker(at) ... works flawlessly. I can send mails directly without any problems.

I just tried the redirect idea. But it does not work either. Maybe "##" isn' recognized as a "word"?
Did you try "ABC" instead of "##"?
Yes, I tried. To no avail. Doesn't recognize anything.
OK, have you got _any_ rule that works?
Well, I did some tests with "subject or body contains" then "add RULEWORKS to the subject" so I could see what works. Interestingly, two-digit letters never worked. 3-digit and above worked ONCE and then never again. Really about to give up. Can't be that hard. Must miss something basic somewhere.
But thanks for your support -- much appreciated.