Can not get external webclient or other features working

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I have set up exchange 2019/2 vms on server 2019, one as a domain controller the other as a mailbox client role, I am able to get up to the point where I have everything working including all dns records, it seems atleast, I am able to connect locally fine without issues including after changing over the urls and adding the A host to my private dns on my domain controller, I am unable to connect externally though, outside of the mailbox client role server I can not connect, for reference here is my domain and dns settings, newer to exchange/server so trying to get it working as some hands on experience for a few courses I am doing in school

type A: mail/my public ip

type cname:
mx: @
txt: @ v=spf1 ip4: -all
txt: / serial for ssl (still cant get this top validate either)


Any and all help appreciated, any other information needed just ask, again relatively new to it all only a few weeks in so trying to follow some guides and Microsoft forums to make it work

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