Can I use Distribution Groups to provide LISTSERV functionality?

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I have a customer that wants to send messages to a group of external email addresses like a LISTSERVER.  They want to send an email with all the newest property listings each week to all broker agents on a distribution list. Their broker agents are not members of the orgainization.  My thinkings is to use a distribution list open for anyone to join or leave automatically.  But I am not sure how I would create the hyperlink or form the agent would use to request membership.   

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You can add external contacts (or mail users) to a distribution group, however someone will need to manage the membership. If you want to have the self management options, you will need to use code-based solution to handle group joining/leaving, there is no built-in option that you can leverage.

I see. So the Open membership approval only allows internal users to join using the Outlook client. We were looking for a no code solution. Perhaps we could use Flow?

That might be a good idea, though the last time I checked Flow it only allowed for "send message" as far as Exchange functionality is concerned.

There is a list server for Microsoft Exchange that works directly with distribution groups.


It's called  Active Subscriber 2017 and targets Exchange 2010 and later versions.


Disclosure: I am one of the developers.

Thanks Brendan! This looks like an awesome solution. However, I was looking for an exchange online solution.