Calendar for Project meetings

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I created a shared calendar of type equipment and I allowed conflicts.

We have a very large project coming up this year and want a central calendar with all the scheduled meetings on it. Different groups will have their own meetings including meetings scheduled by our outside partner. I need to be able to just have this shared calendar auto-accept all meetings regardless of who created them and allow our users to open the calendar items from the shared calendar to see the full details of each meeting.

Right now it seems to work for internal meeting and users can only see the details on the calendar, they can't open the item to see everything in the meeting. We are also have issues when we forward an existing meeting that outside partners created.


How do I allow our users to open each item on the calendar, I tried making an user an owner of the calendar as a test but that didn't help. If I give them full control from the exchange side that seems to work. but I Don't know how to do that for all users.


I"m not even sure were to look about allowing meetings to be forwarded from inside people for meetings that were created outside. I see the forwards sitting in the inbox, they just don't get accepted.


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