Bulk Filtering suddenly catching legitimate emails?

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So this week it's come to my attention from a few of our finance workers that they are not receiving certain invoices and tax documents. I checked our quarantine and sure enough they were all there flagged as Bulk. For the invoices, one of the senders we have dealt with for years and they have never gotten flagged as bulk. The tax documents were all directly from state .gov or .us websites. Why would the Bulk filter suddenly start catching things it never did before? Was the criteria for "bulk" silently changed or something? Anyone else having this type of issue lately?

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Ideally you would submit the messages to Microsoft to investigate why and that way the service can learn https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/office-365-security/submissions-admin?view=...
Hi Dan ... I'm experiencing this across 2 organizations and we are talking 1000's of emails, submitting the messages in batches of 100 doesn't seem appropriate.

some of my emails show a Bulk email score of 1 and the filter is set to 4 so I have no idea why they are being quarantined.
I don't think you need to submit all of them...but yes I do see that as not an ideal way forward. Apart from logging a service request, you might need to go down the allow list route. Have you used the explorer or real time detections portals to view details of the detection technologies used for a sample of these messages?