bulk edit missing in mailbox list in Exchange admin

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In Office 365,   Exchange Admin,    mailbox list,...

Before today,  I could select multiple mailboxes,   and then select a function from the right-side menu,  and thus do a "bulk edit".

example---  change the Retention Policy on 5 mailboxes at one time.


Today (June 22, 2018),   when I select multiple mailboxes, the right-side menu shows an Office logo.

I cannot select any functions.

I cannot use "bulk edit".


Did this change for you ?

Am I doing something wrong or different ?



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Seems to work fine here. Perhaps it was a temporary issue? Did you try a different browser, private session, etc?

Thanks for the Reply.

Yes, we have experimented with several User Accounts, computers, Edge / Chrome, in-private, clear browser cache, etc.
Another admin was able to capture that right-side panel of the web page.
It is actually a web browser error.
The screen shows   500 Unexpected error.
Still having the problem today.  



If you can still reproduce it, open a support case.

We did contact support.

They "did something".

It works correctly today.