Blocking ecp access externally for Exchange 2013 - works with quirks

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Hi all,


We have Exchange 2013 and have added IP address restrictions to the ecp application in IIS.


While it works it has its quirks...


For starters if I log in via a whitelisted IP I initially get the 403.503 Forbidden page but if I refresh the browser page I get a bit more of the ecp proper, then refresh a second time and the site appears and functions normally.


Does anyone know why this might be the case?


Also I note that when browsing to /ecp it initially redirects to /owa/auth... etc for the login page.  It even does this when browsing from a restricted IP.  From a restricted IP when typing in a correct credential it simply takes you back to the login page and doesn't log you in.


So it appears that the redirection from /ecp to /owa/auth occurs before IP restrictions are enforced.  Is there a way around this?





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