block owa to save attachment to onedrive

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Please note question is very specific. In addition, if we configure Allow limited sharepoint, it doesn't help, unless we do complete blcok.

Need to know if there is a way to block "exchange online web mail to save to onedrive" using conditional access.






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Not sure what Conditional access has to do with this? You can block the possibility for users to save attachments directly to ODFB by setting the SaveAttachmentsToCloudEnabled value in the corresponding OWA Mailbox policy. There's no way to toggle this only on external access, if that's what you mean.
I don't know if you know about conditional access and session control policies which helps in these cases. Anyway!
Thanks for the suggestion of owapolicy, i did configure SaveAttachmentsToCloudEnabled : False, after even an hour, i see option to save to onedrive
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Hi, you must give it propagation time. The above switch works great and hides your "save to OneDrive" option. Yes, app enforced restriction settings etc. are really nice features to combine with CA, but then again, if your end-goal is simply to hide the OneDrive option you're all set.

Let me suggest to look at it the other way around and protect your data instead of turning off features and functionality. You know, governance, compliance, retention, sensitivity labels and data loss prevention for example.
Thanks Christian, gave 6 to 8 hours, still same. Will discuss with Microsoft if i am doing anything wrong if this feature work for others.
Regarding suggestions, understand what you said, but sometime weird requirement comes from customers.
Seems like it took more than 8 hours to apply, can see that option gone now.