Block OneDrive Attachments from Outlook Web Browser

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We have recently rolled out OneDrive for our corporate. One issue we currently have is any user can access all his onedrive files as attachments from outlook web browser. When they access Outlook web mail via their personal mobile devices on their browser(safari or chrome) they have the option to select any files from their onedrive as attachment. We want to block this option since these devices are not managed and we don't want all content from onedrive available as attachments on personal device. Is there  a way to block this option. Any thoughts? Please let me know


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If you have configured device-based CA policies, those will apply to this scenario as well. Without CA however, your only option is to block this feature altogether, for both managed and unmanaged devices.

Thanks Vasil,


Is there any documentation available for configuring CA policy to just block attachments from un managed devices. Please let me know.