Blan screen EAC OWA befor login

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I have a problem with EAC and OWA after the last March update. After running these sites from localhost, I have a blank white screen. When I tried to launch it from the Internet, the page was not found. I checked the certificates in IIS management and they are correct - where to look for the reason?


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Check the IIS logs for any errors or warnings related to the EAC and OWA websites.
Look for any HTTP error codes (e.g., 404, 500) that might indicate where the issue lies.
An error occurred when using SSL configuration for endpoint localhost:443. The error status code is included in the returned data. 15021 error code
other errors not view
Check the certificate in the "IIS -> Exchange Back End" web site binding!
I changed the certificates to Exchange Server or the certificate issued by the issuer here - the certificates are current but nothing changes - maybe the system saved it somewhere else??? I also generated a new certificate from the issuer - and uploaded it - still the same