Best third party migration tool

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Hi all,

I am curious after your knowledge and especially your experiences with third party tools to migrate mailboxes (and more?) from O365 to O365. 
Which tool do you like the best, and which one is the worst (if any)?

Let me know!

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We don't recommend third-party tools here, as it quickly turns into a spam fest with representatives from the different vendors. There are several tools, look them up, check their product descriptions, etc. There are also multiple reviews/articles out there written by independent consultants, which you can trust more than the marketing fluff you'll get from most vendor's pages. 


If you care mostly about Exchange, I'd recommend sticking with a vendor that has a proven history in that space. 

@Mike Platvoet we used the Quest migration tooling to migrate mailboxes from one tenant to another. Biggest drawback is the fact that the tooling insists on global admin accounts to function. But on the other hand, it migrates Azure accounts, arranges co-existence (nice for domain off-boarding), synchronises mailbox content and can schedule the switch from source to target tenant. Together with a small tool on the computer, even Outlook is reconfigured. 


No idea about pricing...