Best set up in Exchange Admin to prevent specific emails going to junk email

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What is the best set up in Exchange Admin to prevent specific emails going to junk email?
Is it possible to create a rule to not be filtered to junk email if message matches last part of "Message ID" the ?
Using message trace the "From IP" seems to change so not sure that IP criteria is suitable?
It is a website contact form I want to allow.

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There are several ways to do this, but first it's best to determine why those messages end up in spam so follow the instructions here:


Based on your findings and the recommendations in the above article, you can whitelist the sender by domain or IP address/range via the EOP policy settings, or configure a transport rule that sets the SCL to -1 for messages from that sender, or advise users to add it to their safe senders list, etc.

@VasilMichev with the help you gave in my other post I was able to see an issue with SPF, but in the headers I dont see "X-Forefront-Antispam-Report" to check only these 2 are in the headers "X-Microsoft-Antispam-Mailbox-Delivery" and "X-Microsoft-Antispam-Message-Info"

SPF is a good starting point, have you made sure that you've added the IP ranges to your SPF record?


I have the IP for the web host server in my SPF record but according to message trace this is not the "From IP" ?
Message trace "From IP" seems to change and I have seen two class C networks so far which are not part of my web host server range.

Is it possible to set a rule based on the "Message-ID" header like "" or the "From:" header?

Rules give you a lot of flexibility, but I would suggest fixing that SPF issue first.

Hi @VasilMichev 

From previous Microsoft help advice I have tried adding the IPs to the default connection filter but never had any luck?
This is what my SPF record looks like v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:"IP of shared web host server" -all
If I go the header rule way could I set up multiple criteria based on "Received", "From", "Message-ID" and am I correct with using "A message header includes any of these words" (or is it a pattern?)