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hi community..


i need some help in understanding the following situation.

In 2020, Microsoft will disable Basic Auth in Exchange Online.  I would assume that this would affect also the reportingwebservice....right ?


until now i use basic auth to pull messagetrace data via the following call....



so far so good.

today i have created in my lab a policy which blocks ALL basic auth in exchange online and have assigned it to the user account i use for the rest call.


AllowBasicAuthActiveSync : False
AllowBasicAuthAutodiscover : False
AllowBasicAuthImap : False
AllowBasicAuthMapi : False
AllowBasicAuthOfflineAddressBook : False
AllowBasicAuthOutlookService : False
AllowBasicAuthPop : False
AllowBasicAuthReportingWebServices : False
AllowBasicAuthRest : False
AllowBasicAuthRpc : False
AllowBasicAuthSmtp : False
AllowBasicAuthWebServices : False
AllowBasicAuthPowershell : False


HOWEVER, i'm still able to pull the report via basic auth.

why ? :)



- What's the reason ?

- If basic auth really can't be used anymore for this reporting service, HOW can i access the messagetrace information in an automatic what alternatives do i have ?

(i need just message trace information and not mailing data via graph where i would need to access every single mailbox)


thank you 



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Interesting. It took ~ 12 hours until it became active.


so does this mean that the reporting webservice will be deprecated with the start of the global basic auth disablement - mid 2020 ?