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Hello Experts

I use dynamics crm and i trigger flow to send mails to multiple leads using Microsoft flows(Power automate)

The leads receives mail in junk folder

How do i prevent my mails entering junk folder in the leads mailbox

As a sender, what rule or what flow i can configure that the mail i send should go only to their inbox but not to spam/junk

Kindly guide

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Sumaira Noor

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@Sumaira370 If the lead/recipient is outside your organization you cant control how it lands in there inbox or junk. best you can do is to ask them to ask there admin to mark the sender (your account/flow address) to be added a whitelisted sender in there spam filter list.


If it is internal ( lead/recipient), just add the sender to allow senders list within the organization.



Ankit Shukla


@Sumaira370 I'm experiencing same problems as you with mails from our info@ outlook-account ending up in peoples junk and spam folders. Been told that there might be a DNS problem of some sort, just not sure how to fix it. Hope to find helpful suggestions here.