Autologin to Outlook in Domain with Exchange 2016

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I have a small LAB with AD, where one of my servers is Exchange 2016.

On any Windows AD client where I try to run Outlook for a first time autoconfig is get automatically to the point where I have to authenticate.

Auth window is gets my name: 'Name@Domain.Local' and I'm asked to write my password.

To logon successfully I have to take pickup option More Choices --> Use another account, and then write manually in user: DOMAIN\Name & pwd, and check "Remember my credentials". After that Outlook starts fine.

This is a point where its stuck on credentials:



My goal is set this config to complete autologin, when I start Outlook for 1st time with no ask about those credentials.

Where I need to change that? AD/AutoDiscover/IIS?

Thanks for any clues.

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Hi again
One more thing. I think I found why I have to put credentials there.

My login from the primary SMTP address is different than UPN [UserPrincipalName]:
- - is primary SMTP Address,
- Joe@Domain.local in UPN



Check your AutoDiscover record, it is likely pointing to and not domain.local.


Also, I would strongly recommend you to update your UPNs to be the same as you primary SMTP. I don't know what your hybrid/cloud strategy is, but you will save yourself a whole lot of frustration down the road! :)