Auto-forward incoming mail with modifications

Bill Zielinski
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I have a couple of CRM systems that monitor one mailbox each. We previously used GroupWise, and had a rule that any message that came from Account1 to Account2 would do the following:

Forward to Account1

    Modify (prepend can work) the subject line with "(Your inquiry has been received)"

    Add special line (disclaimer) at top stating "You should receive a response..."

    Rest of message below

Allow original message of Account1 to Account2 go through unmodified


I can do this with an Exchange Rule using redirect, however, the original message doesn't end up in Account2. How can I do this with a rule?

Thank you in advance!

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Forward/redirect will not work in this scenario, you are effectively generating a reply. You will not be able to achieve this with transport rules, instead you need client-side code such as the macro used here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/cdd7cecb-4437-4dc3-b092-4351be6d1955/include-original...

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