Assign permissions to resources in a hybrid environment

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We started moving users to Office 365 and run in to a problem. We moved the user, but not the meetingrooms and resources.

When User A is moved, User A's permissions on Resource 1 is removed?

Trying to add User A to Resource 1's calendar (add-mailboxfolderpermission) do not work. Powershell says: The user "USERNAME" was found in Active Directory but isn't valid to use for permissions. Try an SMTP address instead.

Using SMTP address do not help.

To me it looks like its not possible to use an Office 365 user object (remote-mailbox object) to assign permissions?

Easy solution is to move the resource with the user, but I will run into senarios where the this is not a good solution.

Any surgestions, expriences or other comments.....

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Cross-premises folder, delegate, send as and send on behalf of permissions are NOT supported. Only Full Access permissions will work, and only in some cases. Read here:

@Jesper Stein I have the same issue, but I Solved.

Just Add into of delegatio Full Permisision the User that you want get permission over calendar onpremisse.


After Add the permission, just run the follow command:

set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Email address removed:\Calendario -User otherUser -AccessRights Editor

and Remove user from the Full Permission in Delegation.


If you run get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Email address removed:\Calendario show permissions callendar.